Thursday, August 02, 2007

What A Start To My Vacation

I finally had a change to visit my parents, family and some old friends this summer. I flew back to Minnesota in a lil' ol' A319 on Frontier (had Donn the dall sheep on the tail) yesterday morning. About 6pm central time my sister calls to say there will be something more on the news about a call that just went out on Minnesota's emergency network ---> The I-35W bridge over the Mississippi had just collapsed. Soon after that family and friends from across the country were calling to see if we were alright. We are but as you may know by now many others have been injured and there are some unfortunate families that are missing loved ones. What a way to begin a vacation.
I normally don't talk about anything other than soccer. I felt this was one of those things that called for an exception. To those who were injured and especially to those who died in this freak accident, our thoughts and prayers are with you tonight and forever. To those who passed away, may the perpetual light shine upon them.

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George said...

glad all is well. what a tragedy.
FC Rocky