Friday, August 10, 2007

What Soccer News???

I've been on vacation visiting family lately. In fact, I've been so busy doing cheesy things like wearing the same t-shirt / onsesie as my new little nephew that I didn't know that it was Thursday night last night, that there was a MLS game on and at that Mr. Posh would making his debut. Pure craziness!

So what is the big news in the soccer world from this last week or so? Any big signings that need to be noted? Did Mourihno say something crazy after losing the Charity Shield again? Did every local news station in the country show Beckham shirtless? Did Oliver Kahn announce that he'll be doing Geico commercials? What is the news that I've missed that I need to know?

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Rapids Summary

In case you haven't heard, the Rapids were schooled in the US Open Cup last night. The game was essentially over before the first half came to a close. They lost 5-0 to a team with a player budget that is less than 1/2 of what the Rapids have. Even with more money to spend on players than the team he was playing, Clavijo failed yet again to get the players to play as a team, string together passes, and have dangerous movement on the field. If Clavijo's only struggles were his player budget, the Rapids should've owned the Sounders last night. They didn't. Seattle tore the Rapids apart and made the Rapids look like amateurs. How much longer before Enos Kroenke wakes up and digs out some loose change from his his couch to fire Clavijo?

FC Rocky has a good look at the game and putting it in perspective.

Most disturbing was the at the end of the game the Rapids players didn't even shake Seattle's hands. I saw it on TV and Goal Seattle mentions it too. They mention that along with Erpen's 2 finger salute. It's bad enough dealing with a crap team "coached" by Fernando. Their lack of class is salt in the wound and then some.

Roy Keane Has Lost It!

Who Ate All The Pies points about that Sunderland have just signed Craig Gordon from Hearts for £9 million. Yes, that is correct, £9 million! For those who have been fawning over Roy Keane, how will this look if Gordon is anything less than an amazing goal keeper in the Premiership?

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Colorado's Woes - Why Isn't Clavijo Fired Yet?

As mentioned a few days ago, the Colorado Rapids are winless in 10 games. Worse, they have only won 11 games out of their last 41 played in the MLS. Most disturbing is that their hasn't been a peep out of the Front Office about the coaching situation. No one has came out and said that Clavijo's job is on the line if he doesn't turn around the team soon (not that he deserves more time). Jeff Plush nor Charlie Wright have not stated if Clavijo is meeting their expectations let alone exactly what their expectations are at this point. They have not stated that they will fire Clavijo even though at this point short of a minor miracle, the Colorado Rapids are now for all practical purposes out of the playoffs. Does Enos Stan Kroenke care so little about the Rapids that he can't be bothered to bring in at least an average coach? After all, Fernando Clavijo has one of the worst all-time coaching records in the MLS. Can we at least shoot for average?

Biting Commentary

I ran across this description over at My Soccer Blog. He's talking about the TFC - LA match from this weekend. To me it sums up LA's season so far.

Welcome to LA where we don't like to waste time playing offense. Watching this match was like watching the US national team in Germany. One lone striker up top getting destroyed by the defense, a midfield that can't control a ball for more then two passes and a worthless Landon Donovan.

New Soccer Blog : Center Holds It

If you haven't already seen it, there is a new soccer blog out there called Center Holds It.

Monday, August 06, 2007

MLS Expanding To Hartford?

My Soccer Blog takes a quick look at the Kraft's possible involvement, really meddling to try to prevent, in a MLS expansion team in Hartford, Connecticut. Is the MLS serious about expanding to Hartford?


How many more small market teams can this league possibly support? They already have Kansas City, Columbus and Salt Lake City. Can the sport support many more like Hartford and Milwaukee?

Rapids Make History

In losing 1-0 to FC Dallas Saturday, the Colorado Rapids moved into the top ten" (really worst ten, in this case) for all-time in the MLS for win-less streaks. In case 10 games without a win isn't bad enough, the Rapids have now only won 11 of their last 41 games. What more does a coach like Fernando Clavijo need to do to be fired? Were Jeff Plush's expectations for the team really as low as "anything but absolute worst"? Can Kroenke Sports Entertainment, owned by Enos Stan Kroenke who is worth something in the neighborhood of $36 BILLION, not come up with an extra $200k to fire Clavijo and bring in a real coach?