Thursday, September 14, 2006

This And That Again

Barcelona's New Sponsor

FC Rocky looks at the surprising change at Barcelona. Not only did they end their long tradition of not having a sponsor on their shirts but they're paying UNICEF to use their logo on their shirts. Traditionally clubs have had a sponsor on their kits. We don't see much of this in major sports in America. If we did, we'd see things like Coors Lite across the front of the Denver Broncos jersey. For the largest clubs in the world like Barcelona, such sponsorship can be worth ten of millions of dollars each year just for that. Barcelona has shunned doing this. So to see them do this with a 5 year deal where they're giving UNICEF $2 million a year and using UNICEF as a “sponsor” is a curious move on their part. It may be a way of trying to raise their reputation as a brand. It may also be a way of getting their fans used to the change.

MLS Playoffs

With the MLS playoffs looming here in the US, My Soccer Blog takes a look at how they work and how they may be improved.

Best 11 In MLS

For those of you who aren't aware of it, All America XI takes a look each week at the best 11 players in the MLS. Take a look at it each week to see who had a good week in Major League Soccer.

International Changes

Are You Loyal? takes a look at the role of international players in the MLS. They bring up an interesting point about how Toronto FC, the new MLS expansion team for 2007, will change that.