Saturday, August 18, 2007

Real Salt Lake Stadium Deal 100% Final

It looks like the soap opera that is Real Salt Lake's new stadium is finally 100% over. The bonds have been fully approved and the i's and t's have been dotted and crossed. It looks like Utah will have professional soccer for many, many, many years to come. That is good news for the RSL fans. I felt bad for them having to go through all of this, especially when Checketts and SCP Worldwide threatened to move the team.

Props to my soccer blog for bringing this one to our attention.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Lewis Joining Feihaber at Derby

One of the nice things I've found about grabbing the RSS for a few favorite blogs is that when the time gets tight, you get the news you absolutely want to see. What caught my eye the most today was that Eddie Lewis is moving to Derby. It makes sense with Leeds relegated to League One (England's 3rd division). They just can't afford his wages and Derby could use a veteran to help them try to survive in England's top flight.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

All Sorts Of Things

There are a lot of things going on right now to blog about. The new season in much of Europe is getting started. I need to point out how I feel Keane, a player who I loved, got too much credit for what happened at Sunderland last year. I have yet to point out my picks for winning the Championship (England's Div 2). There's also the issue of where a couple years of scandals in Italy have gone and how it's affected the Serie A (note : Juventus is already back up in Serie A; did their punishment really fit the crime?). And that reminds me that I have yet to address other punishments that West Ham could have received other than monetary or point deduction. There's the issue of racism in Eastern Europe as DaMarcus Beasely was not so pleasantly reminded of recently. Many of those countries like Poland and the Ukraine have issues with their own scandals of match fixing and tax-cheating, too. So why did they get Euro2012 and Italy didn't? Or at least the joint bid that Hungary was a part of? Those are just things off the top of my head. Despite all of them they will go unwritten for awhile longer as I'm off to drive across Minnesota and up to the Red River Valley in North Dakota. After a quick stop at Grandma's farm to grab my youngest, we'll be on our way back to Colorado. It'll be a long 15 hour drive. Just be happy you don't have to do it.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Next MLS Trade To Involve Petke

That would seem to be the case with several fans at Colorado - Houston match reporting that Petke and Clavijo were openly arguing during the game. Clavijo has a history of dumping players that go along with his program (Beckerman, Cunningham, Denton, Kotschau, etc). Is Petke next?

Fernando Saved By A Win

Fire Clavijo! Was he? Colorado won at home against the Houston Dynamo but it was due to an own goal by DeRosario. The Rapids managed only 4 shots in the entire. It's unconfirmed but this may tie an MLS all-time record for least shots taken in a home game.