Friday, March 16, 2007

Beckham Will Walk On Water

At least that's what David Beckham says he would do for England. Technically he didn't say he would walk on water, just walk. But surely Mr. Posh isn't so daft as to realize that England's an island and that in between North America and England that walking will be on water, not land.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Home Field Advantage At 5,280 Feet

If you missed it, check out FC Rocky's analysis of the home and away form for the Colorado Rapids the last 4 years. He breaks the games down by halves too. While the Rapids have clearly dominated at home, they have done just the opposite on the road. It's hard to see how a team can win the MLS Cup without being able to get the job done away from home. Would the team be better off in the long run if they weren't so dependent on winning games on the road?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bundesliga and MLS Sign Agreement

It's nice to see another MLS - Euro agreement occur. This time it's Major League Soccer HQ themselves signing an exchange / marketing agreement with the German Bundesliga. I don't believe this sort of things are needed for the sport to be able to grow in the US. But they are an opportunity to get exposed to some new ideas and hopefully help the league and the sport grow bigger and faster.

Toronto FC Monday Round Up

If you're following how things are going at Toronto FC in it's run up to it's inaugural day kick-off, keep your eye on the blog appropriately named Toronto FC. They have had several bits of news out before the press got hold of them including the scoop on Mo Johnston's interested in Conor Casey (whom they have since signed). For their Monday round-up, click here.

Joey Barton Arrested Again

When will Barton ever learn? This time it looks like he's had a bust up with a taxi driver and is facing assault charges. I'm wondering when the FA will step in and take action over all this. Surely at some point they have rules over player conduct that will allow them to say enough is enough. Or will they just sit back and watch Barton self destruct? After all, if Stuart "Psycho" Pearce can't tame him who can?

Sunday, March 11, 2007

What About Shevchenko?

Instead of speculating about John Terry's future at Chelsea, the real question is if Andrei Shevchenko will be with the team next year. The £30 million summer signing has only scored 3 times in 25 appearances in league play for Chelsea. As pointed by readers and the press, Mourinho's future at Chelsea is under question. He wasn't given any money to spend during the winter window. Since then he has stated he's looking to fulfill his contract that ends in 2010. Even if Mourinho stays, it doesn't mean Sheva won't be sold this summer. Players like Kezman, Veron, and Del Horno were quickly sold off when they didn't perform. And with the club looking to find a way to break even during the next few years, Chelsea very well may be ready to cast off Shevchenko to help reach that goal.

Another Brit to Toronto FC

Toronto FC blog is linking Toronto with a move for Sunderland's Andy Welsh. The Manchester, England born Welsh will not turn 24 until this November so Toronto would only need to use a Youth International slot on him. If the move is to occur, Welsh and his current club Sunderland would need to come to terms on canceling his contract. The FIFA winter transfer window closed on Jan. 31. But it's not clear that matters since Sunderland is in England's Championship (England Division 2) which follows a different set of rules. The deadline for transfers into the MLS is April 15th. Will we be seeing Welsh at Toronto soon? And if we do, will he be worth an SI in 2008? We've seen some other players with relatively unimpressive pedigrees such as Ronnie O'Brien (yes, he spent some time with Juve as a youth but I would call that interesting but not impressive) do very well in the MLS. Could Welsh turn out to be another?