Thursday, November 30, 2006

Chelsea's Tough Schedule

EPL Talk has some fun looking at Mourinho's mind games. They also manage to point out that both ManU and Chelsea have more or less had as equally challenging (or non-challenging) schedules. One thing The Gaffer didn't take into account is how they've performed in the Champions League. Chelsea's done well while ManU's lost to a couple teams that would struggle to win the Championship, let alone the prem.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Major League Soccer Combine

The list of players for the MLS's 2007 combine looks to be as follows : 2007 ADIDAS MLS PLAYER COMBINE LIST BY POSITION GOALKEEPERS (5): Talmon Hall (San Diego State University); Justin Hughes (University of North Carolina); Chris Konopka (Providence College); Phil Marfuggi (Clemson University); Nick Noble (West Virginia University) DEFENDERS (11): Andrew Boyens (University of New Mexico); Ty Harden (University of Washington); Michael Harrington (University of North Carolina); Kyle Helton (Duke University); Aaron Hohlbein (University of Wisconsin); Zach Kirby (Boston University); Hugh MacDonald (Monmouth University); Nigel Marples (Towson University); Billy Meier (University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee); Jay Needham (Southern Methodist University); Steve Purdy (University of California) MIDFIELDERS (19): Rich Asante (Syracuse University); Karim Boukhemis (Marshall University); Bryan Byrne (University of California – Santa Barbara); Alex Cunliffe (Fairfield University); Steven Curfman (Wake Forest University); Greg Dalby (Univeristy of Notre Dame); John DiRaimondo (St. Louis University); Eric Ebert (University of California); John Michael Hayden (Indiana University); Scott Jones (University of North Carolina – Greensboro); Jared Kent (Old Dominion University); Nick LaBrocca (Rutgers University); Justin McGrane (Northern Illinois University); Nate Norman (University of Notre Dame); Ryan Solle (Wake Forest University); Wells Thompson (Wake Forest University); Josh Tudela (Indiana University); Sinisa Ubiparipovic (University of Akron); Chase Wileman (Southern Methodist University) FORWARDS (23): Charles Altchek (Harvard University); Gerardo Alvarez (Northwestern University); Corey Ashe (University of North Carolina); Aaron Chandler (University of San Francisco); Adam Christman (University of Virginia); Omar Cummings (The University of Cincinatti); Andrew Daniels (Brown University); Edson Elcock (Old Dominion University); Brad Evans (University of California – Irvine); Robbie Findley (Oregon State University); Jeff Gonsalves (University of Rhode Island); Willy Guadarrama (Campbell University); Ryan Guy (University of San Diego); Chris Loftus (Duke University); Jerson Monteiro (University of Alabama at Birmingham); Frederico Moojen (Clemson University); Simon Omekanda (Penn State University); Riley O’Neill (University of Kentucky); Randi Patterson (University of North Carolina – Greensboro); Dane Richards (Clemson University); Mike Sambursky (University of South Carolina); Jarrod Smith (West Virginia University); Erik Ustruck (Santa Clara University); For more information on college players getting into the MLS, keep an eye on College To Pros.

Monday, November 27, 2006

How Soccer Explains the World, Part II

I enjoy finding news and blogging about soccer from sources that are usually non soccer oriented. Over at Reason's Hit and Run blogs David Weigel blogged about soccer, world views, China, and how Daniel Bell writes an "amusing" essay on all of them.