Saturday, February 24, 2007

Beckham's Real Salary

ESPN is reporting something that has been speculated on since the announcement of David Beckham's signing by the Los Angeles Galaxy of Major League Soccer (MLS), the real salary. According to ESPN's source, $27.5 million over 5 years is the actual salary that the league and LA's owners AEG are paying Beckham. The MLS is paying $400,000 per year with AEG picking up the remaining $5.1 million. Originally the league's press releases pegged the deal as having the possible value of $250 million. The press ran with that as though it were a given. There were many rumors after that over his actual salary with many pegging it at $9 million / year. Off hand, this seems to make the Beckham deal a steal.

Rapids, KSE Screwed Up The Name Change

Yet more proof that KSE had every intention of changing the Colorado Rapids name to the Arsenal. And so far they have not updated the stadium's web site. Who are the principles behind Dick’s Sporting Goods Park? The complex was developed by Kroenke Sports Enterprises – owner of Arsenal Colorado, as well as the NBA Denver Nuggets, NHL Colorado Avalanche, NLL Colorado Mammoth, Pepsi Center, Paramount Theatre, Altitude Premium Consulting, Opera Shop production services group and co-owner of the AFL Colorado Crush and Universal Lending Pavilion – and the city of Commerce City, Colorado.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Real Sly Leader?

Real Salt Lake's coach John Ellinger is either a dolt when it comes to player moves or so incredibly that most of us just can't see how he's putting together a team that will finally make the playoffs (let alone win the MLS Cup). Not even a week and a half ago Ellinger sent Nick Rimando to New York Red Bulls for a the MLS equivalent of a bag of peanuts (i.e. "future considerations"). And within a week there were first rumors and now confirmation that Scott Garlick is retiring. Garlick rarely looked good last year and often struggled just to look average for a goalkeeper in Major League Soccer. So in many ways this move is neither surprising nor would it normally hurt the team. Only that for some odd reason he waited until the new pre-season to make the decision. And the team for some odd reason had already clearly decided that despite having the worst defense in the league last year, they weren't looking to replace him. How did Ellinger not see this coming? Surely this isn't coming completely out of the blue for the coach. And even if he's brave (or would that be daft?) enough to count on a wet behind the ears Seitz to come out of the draft and perform well as a starter, it doesn't look as though Ellinger has a contingency plan for who would be Seitz's back-up that can step in when Seitz is gone this summer playing for the US. Surely Rimando is normally worth more than "future considerations". And given the bind Real Salt Lake is in right now, surely Rimando is worth a lot more than that to them. What is Ellinger thinking?

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Crazy Hearts

The soap opera at Hearts (Scotland) continues. I thought it was bad when Romanov was more than happy to sack good managers on a whim. But now this? From Hearts Website : The following statement was issued tonight by Vladimir Romanov: Dear Monkeys, Today I will not be showing your portrait to you. It is pointless. You are one step away from becoming human beings. Go and carefully have a look at yourself in the mirror. Don't you see a human in it? Stop fighting for the values which the ex-captain of Hearts was fighting for. Education and truthful information - that should be your input to humankind. Your leader Mowgli is not taking bananas any more, now he is taking money for lies and untruthful interpretation. However he is greedy and makes you collect rotten information from cesspits and poisons readers with it. This is unworthy even of a monkey. Today I will express my opinion in English about refereeing in order that your Mowgli will not make you tell lies. To discuss whether referees take money or not is the same as discussing a woman who gives herself with no love. Isn't it better to concentrate on the standard of their work instead of looking for reasons for their poor performance? A woman cheats herself and nature if she gives herself without love. If a referee officiates a game based on his personal love, he commits a cynical crime, especially when the public has trusted him. I respect those referees who take money from two stupid teams and then honestly officiates a game. They do not harm football in any way. Though it is bad, still everybody is equal for them. Perhaps that is the reason why football in Italy will never die despite all the scandals that continuously shake it. I think that is much better than being the champions for 40 years while building up the same system for further 40 years. Now it has become obvious to me why you, the Monkeys, were trying to ruin Hearts not only in the Championship, but in European competitions as well. I think it was not without your help that the 'frozen' referee from Russia was selected to officiate our match and that in the games against the Greek side we got three red cards. It is not without your help that traitors were presented as heroes thus showing the road to children for betrayal. You will always call teachers silly because unlike you they lead children along the correct path. Protecting your values in that way just spoils not only football, but also a Scotsman's proud name. I beg you Mowgli, take the monkeys back to the Safari Park!

An American In Norway

FC Rocky has an excellent Q & A with Nat Borchers on his life and career in Norway. For those who are unfamiliar with Borchers, he attended the University of Denver. He wasn't drafted by any MLS teams in 2003 but still landed a spot and soon after a starting role with the Colorado Rapids. After 3 years in the MLS Borchers left for Odd Grenland, a team in Norway's Tippeliga (their top division). For the Q & A with Borchers at FC Rocky, click here.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Smug Checketts Good For Utah?

So the new stadium is good for Real Salt Lake? The smug look on Dave Checketts' face on the front page of the Feb. 9 Tribune made me gag. His face said, "Look people, I got what I wanted, and you will pay to keep me so happy. You are going to pay for my stadium." We have to fight tooth and nail to get basic health needs for the elderly, we can't pay a decent wage to our teachers, firefighters, police officers, and yet we build a soccer stadium for Dave Checketts. To you who made this decision, Gov. Jon Huntsman, Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson and members of the Legislature who made Dave Checketts so happy, you are a disgrace. You blatantly disregarded the majority of Salt Lake County residents concerning paying for a private business with no compensation to the public except to buy a ticket to line Dave Checketts' pockets. To Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon, you are a fantastic leader; others should govern by your example, putting citizens' concerns first. Fran Haycock Cottonwood Heights

US To Host World Cup?

Well, that is counting on FIFA keeping this "rotation" system once the aftermath of South Africa 2010 is sorted through.

The U.S. Soccer Federation is formulating a bid to host the 2018 World Cup, an effort that could bring the quadrennial tournament here for the first time in 24 years as well as position the United States to stage the 2014 event in case a South American country is not ready.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ticket Price Protest

This is the first I've heard of this group. Do they really have a chance of seeing their demands met? For example, would they be able to get most of their 140,000 to boycott going to games for one weekend?