Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Smug Checketts Good For Utah?

So the new stadium is good for Real Salt Lake? The smug look on Dave Checketts' face on the front page of the Feb. 9 Tribune made me gag. His face said, "Look people, I got what I wanted, and you will pay to keep me so happy. You are going to pay for my stadium." We have to fight tooth and nail to get basic health needs for the elderly, we can't pay a decent wage to our teachers, firefighters, police officers, and yet we build a soccer stadium for Dave Checketts. To you who made this decision, Gov. Jon Huntsman, Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson and members of the Legislature who made Dave Checketts so happy, you are a disgrace. You blatantly disregarded the majority of Salt Lake County residents concerning paying for a private business with no compensation to the public except to buy a ticket to line Dave Checketts' pockets. To Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon, you are a fantastic leader; others should govern by your example, putting citizens' concerns first. Fran Haycock Cottonwood Heights

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