Saturday, November 10, 2007

Not Dangerous Play? Really?

I was indifferent as to who was going to win Thursday night's semi-final (yes folks, it's a semi-final game) with the Chicago Fire and the New England Revolution. I'm not asking this because I was upset the Fire didn't win. I simply do not understand how Taylor Twellman can nearly kick a Chicago player in the face and it's not considered dangerous play. Has anyone seen a good rules of the game explanation for this?

Seattle Announcement On Tuesday

According to the Seattle Times, Major League Soccer (MLS) will be announcing on Tuesday November 13th that Seattle will be getting an MLS franchise. This rumor has been accepted as fact. Tuesday it will become official. Is this a good move by the league?

Friday, November 09, 2007

Landon DonovanTo San Jose?

"As a person, I'm glad [FrankYallop] got away from this" Landon Donovan
Previously I didn't think much of the rumors of Yallop and / or Landon to the San Jose Earthquakes. There wasn't much behind them. But Yallop's left LA and joined San Jose. And now Lannycakes is publicly saying things like this. Will he be leaving Los Angeles soon, too?

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

MLS All-Time Scoring Leaders : The Ultimate List

Did you know that Robert Ukrop was twice the MLS all-time scoring leader? Do you remember "Sneaky" Pete Marino? Eduardo "El Tanque" Hurtado? Vitalis "Digital" Takawira"? Those guys all made the all-time list, too. Climbing The Ladder has a list of the alltime Major League Soccer (MLS) scoring leaders as a time line. Check the list out for fun and see how many names you remember. I personally was surprised to see that Steve Rammel had made it on there. Then again, there are a ton of names on there from when the league was young. Are there any on there that you remember?