Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Colorado Rapids Front Office Chats

Last night the Colorado Rapids front office hosted an event for Rapids supporters (C-Firm, Class VI). They unveiled the new uniforms. Logan's Revenge was more or less spot on. Jeff Plush did say that the maroon / burgundy is pantone 202 if you're looking to get it just right. I have to say that Jeff Plush would make the politicians proud. He managed to do an excellent job of answer a lot of questions from supporters without giving many concrete answers. That's not to say the question and answer session wasn't very constructive. And his answers were useful. But they left themselves room for certain issues to be finalized. Heck, he even pointed out there may be minor changes to the 2007 Rapids kits. Some questions that I thought were important : a) When asked about trading older, non-productive players (i.e. Kirovski and Mathis), it didn't sound as though any trades were in the works b) RTD and the Rapids / KSE likely have nothing and will likely have nothing set up for transit directly serving the stadium for 2007. c) Business speak like "KSE DNA" produces giggles from most people. d) The FO is excited over their prospects in the draft. They also feel they got the better end of the deal in the Cannon for Ugo + Herc trade.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Southampton and the English Championship

Could it be? Could Burley have turned around the ship at St. Mary's and have it the Siants going in the right direction? He seemed to do it last year as the season wound down. But Southampton had some up and downs earlier this season. But unlike the last couple of years, there are not one or two teams that are running away with the Championship. Southampton are 4 points off the top of the table and 3 from an automatic promotion spot. Southampton very well could be at top by the new year. They have 5 games coming up. They face Southend and Wednesday away from home. But they they really should win those especially given how well they've been playing lately. The same with Leicester at home. Palace and Norwich won't be easy but they'll be at St. Mary's. Southampton hasn't lost in 7 league games. Could they be on the verge of closing out 2006 without losing in their 12 games of the year?