Saturday, October 06, 2007

An Embarrassing Goal

Yes, yes Toronto FC chalked up another win at home Thursday night. And they're scoring goals again, winning 2-1. Nevertheless, how embarrassing is it that the allowed 5' 7" Dane Richards to score a goal off of a header. It's not just his height but also his slight figure that makes it baffling as to how any professional defense could allow the little guy to get in the air in a position that allowed him to nod home the ball for a goal.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Naked Nugent

That's right, Who Ate All The Pies has Nugent's naked pic. Quite a story, eh? Could be any young pup fresh out of high school doing something silly over a girl they met in a shopping mall. But this is England and it's a professional footballer so of course it's going to be news and the pictures going to make it's rounds. I just wonder if David's regretting having a camera phone.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Keeping Up With Everton

If you're looking to keep up with what is going on at Everton, Nil Satis Nisi Optimum is a good blog for it. They already have commentary on today's game in the UEFA Cup.

Surely Clavijo's Gone

FC Rocky picked up on Class VI, one of the Rapids supporters groups, posting some answers to questions it's members had asked Colorado Rapids VP Jeff Plush. He highlights Plush's comments about the Rapids poor form, damaging roster turnover, and the goals the team and coach Fernando Clavijo had going into the season that they fell far short of meeting. More interesting is the lack of support Plush shows Clavijo. Fernando Clavijo's in his 3rd year in charge of the Rapids. Even if they win their last 3 games, the Rapids record this year will be worse than the previous 2. 2006's record was worse than Clavijo's first year in charge, 2005. Is this Plush's way of letting the coach and the fans that Fernando will not be coaching the team once the season is over?

Class Vi Website :

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Ruiz - Clark Videos

If you haven't heard, during Houston's 3-0 win over FC Dallas Ricardo Clark and Carlos Ruiz were red carded. Clark's snapping and kicking another player is sickening and inexcusable. Nevertheless Ruiz's punching him in the back and then acting as though he was kicked in the face is inexcusable in another way. The question is, what should their punishments be?

Quote Of The Day

I liked this one by Fire blogger Luis Arroyave on Wanchope's performance with the team so far.

I'm not ready to call Wanchope a bust -- he has only been with the Fire a third of the season. But I still haven't figured out how a guy scores two goals against Germany in Germany but can't score against the Columbus Crew.

Can Los Angeles Make The Playoffs?

Can the Los Angeles Galaxy pull off making the playoffs in 2007? Please share your thoughts.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Wynaldo for President?

Dan Loney has some fun here trashing Tommy Smyth and company for their commentary the other night I can't say that I blame him. I've caught Smyth saying some pretty stupid things even when he's had time to think about them. But naming your children after Eric "Waldo" Wynaldo? Calling for him to be president? Please calm down Dan before you do something rash. :)

Ives : The Worst Coach You Never Heard Of

As Ives puts it, Greg Ryan is the worst coach you've never heard of. What more needs to be said? How about that's just a being a bit too English for me? Can I say that? The English seem great at going over the top with their critiques of their national coaches. They're like a bunch of manic depressives swinging wildly from one end of the spectrum to the other when it comes to how they talk about their coach. But at the core of their issue is expecting to always be the best of the best even when they don't have the talent to do it. Going into the women's World Cup the US had shown plenty of signs that they weren't the dominant team of the past. Let's acknowledge those and over simply the issue as being the coach's fault and only the coach's fault. Greg Ryan has his issues as coach but he's far from being the worst coach ever.