Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Ruiz - Clark Videos

If you haven't heard, during Houston's 3-0 win over FC Dallas Ricardo Clark and Carlos Ruiz were red carded. Clark's snapping and kicking another player is sickening and inexcusable. Nevertheless Ruiz's punching him in the back and then acting as though he was kicked in the face is inexcusable in another way. The question is, what should their punishments be?

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Josh said...

Clark went temporarily insane and he needs to be held accountable. That said, a person doesn't do something like that unprovoked.

Ruiz is and probably always will be the most sickening display in MLS. He stooped to a new low in this case by committing the original foul and, despite taking what must have been a painful blow to his chest/shoulder, felt the need to hold his forehead in fake agony.

Clark has to be suspended. Ruiz should be suspended.

In the future, MLS refs need to book Ruiz more often for diving. I have to believe that would help to stave off this sort of vigilantism.