Thursday, October 04, 2007

Surely Clavijo's Gone

FC Rocky picked up on Class VI, one of the Rapids supporters groups, posting some answers to questions it's members had asked Colorado Rapids VP Jeff Plush. He highlights Plush's comments about the Rapids poor form, damaging roster turnover, and the goals the team and coach Fernando Clavijo had going into the season that they fell far short of meeting. More interesting is the lack of support Plush shows Clavijo. Fernando Clavijo's in his 3rd year in charge of the Rapids. Even if they win their last 3 games, the Rapids record this year will be worse than the previous 2. 2006's record was worse than Clavijo's first year in charge, 2005. Is this Plush's way of letting the coach and the fans that Fernando will not be coaching the team once the season is over?

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