Friday, March 14, 2008

The Beckhams : Sex Shop Shopping English Children Role Models

You gotta love todays headlines involving Mr. and Mrs. Posh. One article talks about how Victoria and David went to a sex shop in Hollywood. And the other talks about a study in Britain that says David and Victoria are top role models for school children in England. Does this mean the English have finally given up their Victorian ways?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

MLS Coaching Hot Seat

WVHoolign sticks his neck out a bit with a post in today's blog. He lists the 3 coaches that he feels are in the hot seat from day one of the season. Can you guess who they are?

1. Fernando Clavijo - Colorado Rapids
2. Sigi Schmid - Columbus Crew
3. Juan Carlos Osorio - New York Red Bulls

I can't say I disagree. The only reason I'd hesitate on Clavijo is that he wasn't canned in the off-season. So why would the Rapids do it during 2008 and at that early on?

Rapids Preview

In case you didn't catch it before the folks at Class VI took a look at the Rapids roster for 2008 and broke it down by forwards, midfield and defense.




Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spring Time Desperation

Just when I thought the Rapids were showing a bit too much desperation in their quest to sign Scottish striker Tam McManus, Southampton turns around and outdoes them with bringing Michael "Not Even Good Enough For Oldham Anymore" Ricketts. Yes, the Michael Ricketts you may remember from a brief goal scoring streak while at Bolton many, many moon ago. Since then he's bounced around with lower league teams and recently was let go by Oldham. If he's not good enough for Oldham, why are Southampton looking at him? Has Pearson lost his mind?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Big Win!

Nigel Pearson got his first win with Southampton today at St. Mary's. It seemed like Saints were headed toward yet another tie, their 5th in a row in league play and one that would've left them 3rd from bottom (relegation!!!). But Stern John scored his 16th of the year and Saints got all 3 points, 1-0, against fellow relegation candidates Leicester. There are still 8 games left but if Saints can keep scoring while getting a few clean sheets, they may soon be out of the woods.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Southampton's Theiving Duo

I've been trying to write about Southampton more often lately. I really do follow them a lot; I just haven't written much about them. Unfortunately it looks like there will be plenty to write about between their relegation fight and, most recently, the fact that Bradley Wright-Philips (yes, Shaun Wright-Philips' little brother) and Nathan Dyer were busted stealing up in Portsmouth. Seriously, what were these guys thinking? Getting caught stealing while having a night out on the town? I could understand it a bit if they had gone out for a nigh on the town in London. But Portsmouth? What's next? Are they going to resort to stealing sinks with Ben May and Glen Johnson???

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Rapids On Verge Of Signing McManus

According to Dunfermline's player/manage Jim McIntyre, the Colorado Rapids and Tam McManus are close to agreeing on a deal that would bring McManus to Colorado for the 2008 MLS season. From Dunfermline's web site: "Tom's been on trial with Colorado Rapids since Monday and he'll sign subject to agreeing personal terms"

Another Tie For Saints

It's the same old story with Southampton yesterday. Again they played well under Nigel Pearson . But the defense again let the team down allowing Blackpool to score twice in five minutes early in the 2nd half. Luckily for Southampton Stern John equalized in the 63, raising his goal total to 15 in league play.

The real problem for the Saints isn't that they haven't won a game in their last 10. Southampton's defense has returned to the form they had earlier this year of letting in goals. They have had a shutout since Jan 12th. As much as many Saints fans seems a bit happy, or at least relieved, that George Burley left to take the Scotland job, the change in managerial positions (Burley -> Dodd/Gorman -> Pearson) has done nothing in the way of getting the back line to tighten up. The Pearson era has ushered in 8 goals in 5 games. That isn't much worse than how Saints have done at most other times this season. Nevertheless, it's not the sort of issue a team wants to have going into a relegation fight.

On another note, I ran across a nice new blog my Mike Whalley to follow :