Friday, November 23, 2007

MLS Coaching Records

This was from earlier this year in July 2007. Anyone know of some updated stats for MLS Coaches all time records?

All time MLS Coaching Records
There aren't many that have been in the league that have done worse.
MLS Coach Wins Loses Ties %
Dominic Kinnear 38 22 34 63%
Bruce Arena 68 43 5 61%
Frank Yallop 50 32 23 61%
Peter Nowak 42 27 25 61%
Octavio Zambrano 79 55 8 59%
Bob Bradley 124 92 55 57%
Steve Nicol 61 47 39 56%
Sigi Schmid 87 68 41 56%
Dave Sarachan 51 44 29 54%
Greg Andrulis 49 43 32 53%
Ray Hudson 46 41 20 53%
Mike Jeffries 22 20 12 52%
Dave Dir 81 75 4 52%
Tom Fitzgerald 70 67 7 51%
Glenn Myernick 63 61 4 51%
Bob Gansler 90 89 57 50%
Ron Newman 50 50 0 50%
Tim Hankinson 78 83 34 48%
Alfonso Mondelo 17 19 1 47%
Brian Quinn 35 41 0 46%
Thomas Rongen 83 98 9 46%
Colin Clarke 45 55 24 45%
Fernando Clavijo 46 59 29 44%
Lothar Osiander 31 40 8 44%
John Kowalski 20 27 0 43%
Laurie Calloway 20 27 0 43%
Ivo Wortmann 21 29 4 42%
Steve Sampson 17 24 10 41%
John Ellinger 15 35 14 30%
Numbers current as of June 28th. Clavijo's stats are current as of 07/13/2007.

England Fail; McClaren Given The Boot

If you didn't already know, England lost to Croatia 3-2. It was their last chance to qualify for Euro 2008 next summer. England's coach Steve McClaren has now been given the boot and is unemployed. Don't worry about him though. I'm sure Russia's coach Gus Hiddink will be sending him a nice Christmas gift to show his thanks. England's loss was Russia's gain as they qualified for Euro08.

As I've said before, I just don't understand why England hired McClaren in the first place.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Turkey Day!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Expansion Draft Guesses & List

Today Major League Soccer is holding it's expansion draft for the new San Jose Earthquakes. The new eQuakes will have 10 rounds to choose a player from the 13 existing teams. They can only choose one from each team. 3 teams will get through the expansion draft without loosing any players. A list of the players they've left exposed is below.

The question is, who will they pick? It's hard to say who Frank Yallop will go for. Is he being pressured to get results the first year? Or is the team looking at other recent expansion teams, going for 7 - 8 wins, and looking to make sure a good team is in place for a making the play-offs in their second year?

Just for fun, I bolded and highlighted some players I'd pick today if I were Yallop.

Note : The new San Jose Earthquakes is not to be confused with the old San Jose Earthquakes. The old San Jose Earthquakes moved to Houston after the 2005 season and became the Houston Dynamo.
[Below list from MLS's web site]

Chivas USA Arvizu, David Brooks, Desmond Burling, Bobby Burpo, Preston Cunliffe, John Flores, Jorge Guevara, Amado Hamilton, Anthony Llamosa, Carlos Lopez, Rodrigo Hernandez, Jason Merlin, Laurent Myers, Justin Nunez, Ramon Perez, Orlando Robles, Eder Solorzano, Erasmo Zotinca, Alex

Chicago Fire Busch, Jon Banner, Michael Curtin, Jeff Curtin, Jim Franks, Floyd Guerrero, Ivan Gutierrez, Diego Marques, Bruno Noble, Nick Plotkin, Brian Russolillo, Jordan Telesford, Osei Thorrington, John Woolard, Daniel

Colorado Rapids Cancela, Jose Casey, Conor DiRaimondo, John Gargan, Dan Harvey, Jordan Hernandez, Nicolas Hughes, Justin Keel, Stephen Kirovski, Jovan LaBrocca, Nick Petke, Mike Prideaux, Brandon Sanneh, Tony Thornton, Zach Wilmes, Clifton

Columbus Crew Garey, Jason Gaudette, Bill Grabavoy, Ned Griffin, Leonard Gruenebaum, Andy Herron, Andy Hunter, Ben Junge, Ryan Miglioranzi, Stefani Moffat, Adam Moss, Brandon Pacheco, Andrei Peterson, Andrew Pierce, Rusty Thomas, Jacob Virtuoso, Ricardo

FC Dallas De Oliveira, Denilson Botero, Juan Daniels, Andrew Dello-Russo, Michael Gbandi, Chris Gbandi, Sandy Goodson, Clarence Jones, Scott Mina, Roberto Oduro, Dominic Pitchkolan, Aaron Rhine, Bobby Sala, Dario (GK) Thompson, Abe Wagenfuhr, David Wileman, Chase Yi, Alex

D.C. United Addlery, Nicholas Carroll, Brian Carroll, Jeff Crowe, Shawn Deroux, Stephen Dyachenko, Rod Gros, Joshua Kpene, Guy Mediate, Domenic Monteiro, Jerson Moose, Justin Mupier, Mira Nolly, Jay (GK) North, Brad Vanney, Greg Walker, Jamil

Houston Dynamo Ashe, Corey Chabala, Mike Cochrane, Ryan Dalglish, Paul Ebert, Eric Hatzke, Nick Hayden, John Michael Hoerner, Kenneth James, Jordan Onstad, Pat Ustruck, Erik Waibel, Craig Wells, Zach Wondolowski, Chris Wondolowski, Stephen

Kansas City Wizards Burciaga, Jose Colombano, Eloy Elcock, Edson Godbolt, AJ Guadarrama, Willy Hartman, Kevin Hohlbein, Aaron John, Will Konopka, Chris Kraus, Michael Kronberg, Eric Lowery, Amir McMahen, Ryan Pore, Ryan Raybould, Ryan Wahl, Tyson Watson, Lance

LA Galaxy Cronin, Steve Caso, Mike Friesz, Lance Glinton, Gavin Gordon, Alan Gray, Kelly Harmse, Kevin Martino, Kyle Mathis, Clint Tudela, Josh Vagenas, Peter Veris, Kyle Xavier, Abel

New England Revolution Byrne, Bryan Dorman, Andy Flood, Gary Franchino, Joe Gonzalez, Miguel Helton, Kyle John, Avery Knighton, Brad Leonard, Marshall Loftus, Chris Mansally, Abdoulie Nyassi, Sainey Riley, James Sims, Willie Warren, Doug

New York Red Bulls Doe, Francis Caccavale, Sal Camp, Blake Cepero, Danny Goldthwaite, Kevin Ikangu, Elie Karcz, Chris Laventure, Jerrod Leitch, Chris Magee, Mike Patterson, Randi Quaranta, Santino Schopp, Markus Ubiparipovic, Sinisa Vide, Joseph Wolyniec, John

Real Salt Lake Brown, Chris Brown, Kyle Curfman, Steven Cutler, Kenny Forko, Willis Hashimoto, Duke Jimenez, Christian Kipre, Jean-Martial Kirby, Dustin Kotschau, Ritchie Lancos, Chris Reynish, Kyle Stewart, Jack Watson, Jamie Williams, Andy

Toronto FC Boyens, Andrew Attakora-Gyan, Nana Braz, Adam Canizalez, Maycoll Djekanovic, Srdjan Gala, Gabe Guzman, David Hemming, Tyler Lombardo, Andrea Lumley, Stephen Melo, Joey Nunez, Cristian Pozniak, Chris Reda, Marco Stamatopolous, Kenny

Monday, November 19, 2007

Where'e The Beef?

It seems to be everywhere today; that is people having a beef with the league and the Galaxy after the New York Red Bulls traded Clint Mathis to LA for a 3rd round pick. There has been a lot of complaining by New York fans that they've lost a great player. More grumbling has been about how the league is playing favorites with Los Angeles yet again by letting them get Mathis on the cheap.

First off, I can't blame anyone for accusing the league of playing favorites. The DP-rule should have been a big step toward putting that sort of claim to rest. However, the league just went back on it's original DP-rule and said old signings like Landon Donovan wouldn't count as a DP in 2008.

As you can see below, Clint's output wasn't bad. It was a clear improvement over his time in Colorado and Salt Lake City. But it was still nothing near what one would expect from a player on a $400,000 salary in the MLS. Getting a that sort of production for a 3rd round pick may seem like a steal. But remember NYRB didn't give much for Clint to begin with, just a 4th round pick plus a conditional pick in the 2009 draft.

The real kicker in all this is that Mathis is out of contract. That's right, NYRB's technical director Jeff Agoos just gave the thumbs up to trading a player they have no way of guaranteeing that they'll have back in 2008. Los Angeles just gave up a third round pick for a player that hasn't shown he's worth $200,000 a year in the league; a player coming off of $400,000 salary that will surely still be looking to make a healthy six figures. Now exactly how is that a steal?

Clint Mathis
Regular Season Stats
2007New York26191,723624722161522
2005Real Salt Lake27272,123344517262871
Los Angeles8872431331691100
1999Los Angeles27201,890766319222611
1998Los Angeles30151,5505105014231951
Playoff Stats
2007New York206800311000
1999Los Angeles6650901114171000
1998Los Angeles304910213000
All-Star Stats

Sunday, November 18, 2007

MLS Cup Final (Spolier!)

Well, the Houston Dynamo do it yet again. They didn't really do anything spectacular in this game. They took care of business and kept knocking at the door. Their reward for consistency was winning the game 2-1. Congrats to Houston for winning another title. The questions I'm left with : a) How did Khano Smith not get a red card for head butting Brian Mullan (at least I think it was Mullan; I was at the bar watching the game)? I try to avoid criticizing referees. Too often too much is made out of things they do. But here we are in the MLS Cup final, the title match of the season with what should be the best referee on the field. Head referee Prus was right there to see what happened and yet he only produced a yellow? Since when is a head butt a yellow? I'm all for stretching the rules especially in a title game but I fail to see why that should be done when violent conduct is involved. b) Will Paul Mariner or John Spencer find themselves coaching a new team next year? Just last week on From The Pitch Mariner said that he was ready to take the right head coaching job if it was there. Could New York now make a move for him since moving for the Fire's head coach Osorio doesn't appear to be going anywhere? And what about John Spencer? Yes, rumors are floating around that the Rapids are not about to give Fernando Clavijo the boot despite the team getting worse the last 2 years. Could it be that the Rapids and Dynamo were waiting until after the MLS Cup to make things official? c) Could Garber have asked for any better weather in DC in late November than they had today?