Monday, November 19, 2007

Where'e The Beef?

It seems to be everywhere today; that is people having a beef with the league and the Galaxy after the New York Red Bulls traded Clint Mathis to LA for a 3rd round pick. There has been a lot of complaining by New York fans that they've lost a great player. More grumbling has been about how the league is playing favorites with Los Angeles yet again by letting them get Mathis on the cheap.

First off, I can't blame anyone for accusing the league of playing favorites. The DP-rule should have been a big step toward putting that sort of claim to rest. However, the league just went back on it's original DP-rule and said old signings like Landon Donovan wouldn't count as a DP in 2008.

As you can see below, Clint's output wasn't bad. It was a clear improvement over his time in Colorado and Salt Lake City. But it was still nothing near what one would expect from a player on a $400,000 salary in the MLS. Getting a that sort of production for a 3rd round pick may seem like a steal. But remember NYRB didn't give much for Clint to begin with, just a 4th round pick plus a conditional pick in the 2009 draft.

The real kicker in all this is that Mathis is out of contract. That's right, NYRB's technical director Jeff Agoos just gave the thumbs up to trading a player they have no way of guaranteeing that they'll have back in 2008. Los Angeles just gave up a third round pick for a player that hasn't shown he's worth $200,000 a year in the league; a player coming off of $400,000 salary that will surely still be looking to make a healthy six figures. Now exactly how is that a steal?

Clint Mathis
Regular Season Stats
2007New York26191,723624722161522
2005Real Salt Lake27272,123344517262871
Los Angeles8872431331691100
1999Los Angeles27201,890766319222611
1998Los Angeles30151,5505105014231951
Playoff Stats
2007New York206800311000
1999Los Angeles6650901114171000
1998Los Angeles304910213000
All-Star Stats

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Anonymous said...

Insanity rings in the holiday. While we are desperately scratching our heads, trying to figure who will or will not be protected for the exapnsion draft, Lalas brilliantly brings in an extra person to protect.

I fail to see the logic, Lalas could have waited until after the Draft (tomorrow) or until the next transfer window opens. Apparently, there is a Blue Light Special type of run on Mathis- GM's clawing each other out of the way in attempt to win Cletus.