Friday, March 21, 2008

Lowe Return

The rumors and reports are running wild with talk about Rupert Lowe along with Michael Wilde are teaming up to make a bide for Southampton. Southampton needs new capital but just as much it needs an injection of new blood in it's front office. Having Dumb and Dumber, as many Saints fans refer to Lowe and Wilde, won't lead to much in terms of new capital (the 2 already control 46% and while not poor aren't sugar daddies that can invest tens of millions of pounds into the club). And they've both been around Southampton for years; they're likely not going to bring many if any fresh ideas to the table.

Saints Get Some Help

Southampton's been having injury problems all season and lately the goalkeepers got the bug. Poke's been starting as Davis and Bialkoswki have had injuries. Saints just picked up West Ham's Richard Wright on a one-month loan. Nothing to get too excited about but it should ensure the team isn't screwed if Poke picks up a knock before Davis returns to fitness.