Sunday, March 09, 2008

Another Tie For Saints

It's the same old story with Southampton yesterday. Again they played well under Nigel Pearson . But the defense again let the team down allowing Blackpool to score twice in five minutes early in the 2nd half. Luckily for Southampton Stern John equalized in the 63, raising his goal total to 15 in league play.

The real problem for the Saints isn't that they haven't won a game in their last 10. Southampton's defense has returned to the form they had earlier this year of letting in goals. They have had a shutout since Jan 12th. As much as many Saints fans seems a bit happy, or at least relieved, that George Burley left to take the Scotland job, the change in managerial positions (Burley -> Dodd/Gorman -> Pearson) has done nothing in the way of getting the back line to tighten up. The Pearson era has ushered in 8 goals in 5 games. That isn't much worse than how Saints have done at most other times this season. Nevertheless, it's not the sort of issue a team wants to have going into a relegation fight.

On another note, I ran across a nice new blog my Mike Whalley to follow :

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