Sunday, March 11, 2007

Another Brit to Toronto FC

Toronto FC blog is linking Toronto with a move for Sunderland's Andy Welsh. The Manchester, England born Welsh will not turn 24 until this November so Toronto would only need to use a Youth International slot on him. If the move is to occur, Welsh and his current club Sunderland would need to come to terms on canceling his contract. The FIFA winter transfer window closed on Jan. 31. But it's not clear that matters since Sunderland is in England's Championship (England Division 2) which follows a different set of rules. The deadline for transfers into the MLS is April 15th. Will we be seeing Welsh at Toronto soon? And if we do, will he be worth an SI in 2008? We've seen some other players with relatively unimpressive pedigrees such as Ronnie O'Brien (yes, he spent some time with Juve as a youth but I would call that interesting but not impressive) do very well in the MLS. Could Welsh turn out to be another?

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Irishboy said...

Eh..... Ronnie O' Brien is Irish, not "Another Brit" as you put it.