Saturday, March 10, 2007

Would Terry Leave

There's a lot being made of John Terry's contract status. With new FIFA rules, he could buy out the last 2 years of his contract and move to a new club. And talks his agent has had with Chelsea are reported to have broke down. The real question here is why would John Terry want to leave Chelsea? He's reported to be pulling in £4.5 million / year. He's been with Chelsea since he was a youth with his only time away from the club being a short loan stint at Nottingham Forest. He's never expressed any interested in leaving Chelsea. Why would he now?


Hawkeye17 said...

Terry is to Chelsea is to Beckham is to Man U is to Gerrard is to Liverpool. There is no way those players can wear the shirt of another team--though Gerrard came so close to joining Chelsea.

JT could leave for another European club outside of England but if someone in MLS is looking, they might want to keep an eye out for him especially with Beckham soon to be heading to Los Angeles. Someone can break their budget and land Terry in the US, but of course that's a longshot at best.

Obviously Chelsea is loaded so despite trying to pull itself out of debt the brass will do whatever it takes to retain JT.

The smart money is that in all likelihood JT stays in Stamford Bridge.

Chris said...

The boys from Fox Football Fone-in / World Soccer Daily have said that perhaps Mourinho will also be leaving Chelsea and that Terry has pledged his loyalty to his manager and will likely "go with him" to whatever team Jose goes to.