Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Manchester United : Any Cash To Spend?

That's the question many people have had about Manchester United since Malcom Glazer's leveraged buyout of the team. Depending on your perspective, the beauty or ugliness of an LBO is that the person or group buying the company uses the company they're buying as to secure they debt they need to buy out the company at this hand. In the case of ManUtd, Glazer used it as collateral to buy them out and left the club saddled with a heavy debt load. Think of it as buying a house. Most all residential mortgages involve you buying a house with the debt secured by the house that you're buying. And even if you haven't bought a house yourself, most of us have heard how tight money can be the first year or three. And that's why there is so much speculation over Manchester United's transfer budget and if they have much of one at all. Asian Football Business Review is reporting that Manchester United will have a transfer budget this summer. Technically AFBR is reporting that ManUtd has a new sponsor, Grupo 2002 and ASC. Manchester United's Chief Executive David Gill is stating that the money will be used to help finance transfer this summer. Now that they've gone on record as having money to spend, the next question is how much. And who will they buy? A replacement for Scholes? A left winger? A new striker?

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