Monday, August 13, 2007

Next MLS Trade To Involve Petke

That would seem to be the case with several fans at Colorado - Houston match reporting that Petke and Clavijo were openly arguing during the game. Clavijo has a history of dumping players that go along with his program (Beckerman, Cunningham, Denton, Kotschau, etc). Is Petke next?


Bonji said...

I even heard Vanney was shipped off because he was giving his own coaching to the younger players on the team, contrary to how Clavijo wanted to be coaching. Was Vanney also a doghouse casualty?

George said...

don't forget about chung, who was sent packing because of "fitness." i've always wondered what the real story was behind that. as we all know, Chung was a fat tub of goo. most unbelievable excuse from an official source i've ever seen.
FC Rocky

Allen said...

I'll look more on Chung to see if I can find an old article where he says some things about what happened.

Either way, I think it's happened enough that you have to suspect a few players have been sent packing this way. Even the best of the best do it (e.g. Sir Alex and Van Nistelroy, Staam, Beckham). But it's hard to stomach when the team is doing so poorly.