Friday, August 10, 2007

What Soccer News???

I've been on vacation visiting family lately. In fact, I've been so busy doing cheesy things like wearing the same t-shirt / onsesie as my new little nephew that I didn't know that it was Thursday night last night, that there was a MLS game on and at that Mr. Posh would making his debut. Pure craziness!

So what is the big news in the soccer world from this last week or so? Any big signings that need to be noted? Did Mourihno say something crazy after losing the Charity Shield again? Did every local news station in the country show Beckham shirtless? Did Oliver Kahn announce that he'll be doing Geico commercials? What is the news that I've missed that I need to know?


Bonji said...

Clavijo still has a job.

Allen said...

That is amazing. The Rapids, playing most of their starters, loose 5-0 to the USL-1 Seattle Sounders???