Saturday, August 04, 2007

Beattie, Losing, and Boo-Boos

My apologies on that last post. I had a 3 month old keeping me occupied while I tried to put together a couple quick posts. I should have the formatting fixed now to better show the link to the original post.

Everton Dupes United

Speaking of apologies, Everton is going to owe one to Sheffield United. Everton just sold the ex-Saint James Beattie to Sheffield United for £4 million. I would imagine Sheffield United want to show they're committed to making the move back up to the Premiership. But spending that much on Beattie? Just a bit over 2 years ago, Everton bought him for £6 million but that was at a time when he had the potential to be an England international. Since then he's show that he's just not that good. £4 million is £2 million too much for Beattie.

Rapids Losing Streak

If the Colorado Rapids fail to win today's game at FC Dallas, their current winless streak will reach 10 and put them in the top 10 list of worst winless streaks in league history. With the anemic offense that the Rapids have had this year, it would seem their best hope for winning will come from FC Dallas' defense. If they play they did earlier this week against LA in the SuperLiga, the Rapids have a chance to score a couple. There are some other things that would give the Rapids a fighting chance, such as Clavijo not starting Niko Hernandez or Jovan Kirovski. But Clavijo's been very consistent about starting those 2 players despite their poor performances. It seems unlikely that he'd change that at this point.

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