Sunday, July 29, 2007

Clavijo, Still Employed

The Colorado Rapids are still in the worst winless streak in the clubs history. They haven't had a win in 9 games and have been outscored with the Rapids only scoring 5 to their opponents 14. They've only won 4 of their 18 games in 2007. They're the 2nd worst team in the league (points per game). In fact, the Rapids have only won 8 of their last 35 games. Yet not a peep out of Kroenke Sports Entertainment, owners of the Colorado Rapids, on replacing Clavijo. What more can it take?

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Free said...

If Kroenke doesn't replace Clavijo they're making a humongoloid mistake ;) !!! In seriousness - such would be evidence that the Rapids Board of Directors are unable to set realistic goals for its coach and will cast a shadow of doubt as to whether it deserves a championship team in the near future. If my experience with Rapids customer service and DSG is at all representative - I wouldn't be surprised if the Board continues to sit on its hands. Clavijo should've been sacked mid-summer this season (before we lost Beckerman, Brown, Gomez, et al) - duhhhh!

Clavijo has brought this team to its knees. Its core is no longer intact. N. Hernandez sits on the bench while Peterson can't score to save his life. I'm sick of pretty boys like Peterson - maybe Clavijo likes guys like him for their looks more than scoring prowess. Take Mathis for example. That trade was the beginning of a long downslide. Clavijo traded Jeff Cunningham - the best scorer the Rapids have seen - who again proved himself in '06 and would be near the top again in '07 if not for injury - and a wad of loot - and other goodies - and we got practically nothing-in-return for over-the-hill Mathis. How pissed was I to watch Mathis walk around the field calling for passes after watching Cunningham's stunning play! I was happy to see Mathis go but the repercussion on our pocket book was reprehensible.

This year I have to endure watching Peterson miss-time run after run. Both Peterson and Mathis have this thing with their pretty lil' neon-colored boots - I'm sick of it. Then Clavijo traded Brown and Beckerman to RSL. Brown didn't do alot for us but his potential was clear and he needed more time to work into the crew. Clavijo didn't give it to him (because he wants to hold Peterson's hand or something). The Beckerman trade got us nothing but a critical loss @ RSL which most likely means the loss of the Rocky Mtn cup. I'm so f'in pissed about the Beckerman trade - Clavijo hasn't made a good trade in over two years...and when he makes a trade with promise he quickly turns on the player and trades them mid-season (several times). Take Brown. Take Gomez. I doubt Nico is staying. Will Pablo hang still? Our core is devastated with Clavijo to blame.

In short - fire Clavijo! Kroenke needs to get a clue!