Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Beckham No Show...Dallas Gets Burned...

Fans in the Dallas/Ft. Worthless Metroplex wanted to see David Beckham last night in the inaugural MLS vs. MLS SuperLiga match. They didn't get to and they complained with some silly signs.

The British press were even more silly to think the LA Galaxy fans were the ones complaining. I guess they can't read FC Dallas behind the picture of Beckham. But that is another matter.

Silly Texans, you go to a sporting event knowing full well that one or more of the players on the team may not play due to injury. I'm ok giving Texas back to

I hope after the first 20 minutes the Dallas fans were more upset about the play of their team on the field because they were down 4-0 in that time. However, FC Dallas didn't rollover and play dead and they should be commended for bringing the game back from the depths of a blow out. The final score??? 11 goals between the two teams with LA advancing to the SuperLiga semifinals by winning 6-5.

That's right, the dumb ass fans who were more interested in complaining about a Beckham no show were treated to one of the most entertaining and highest scoring MLS games ever. I'd kill to see the Rapids lose a game after scoring 5 goals...wait 4 goals...wait 2 goals. Yes, all I want in Colorado is to see my team put up two goals. It is a sad state of affairs here in Denver.

This is a notice to sports fans in the US. David Beckham and the rest of his designated player friends are not going to play in ever single game. You can not buy a ticket to an event expecting to see him. Please DO NOT make yourself look stupid by making a sign about how unfortunate it is that Beckham is injured and can't play. It is part of sports. Look at it this way, Bud Selig isn't going to complain when Barry Bonds sits out due to pain from a swelling head...ok, that is different.

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