Monday, January 01, 2007

Winter Transfer Window 2007

Digsy over Caughtoffside takes up issue with Manchester United's Alex Ferguson downplaying the importance of the winter transfer window. And he has some good examples why it's important. Unfortunately Digsy has done what we humans too often do, we slip into thinking about things as being black and white. If they were, Sir Alex would be wrong and Digsy right. But things aren't black and white. SAF was downplaying the importance of the winter window in the grand scheme of things. Sir Alex was not claiming that the winter window lacked any importance. There's no doubt that the winter window is important. As Digsy point out, Chelsea will be looking to spend money to bring in some fresh blood that could be the difference in the title race. Nevertheless, the summer window is much more important than the winter window. Generally that's when you're buying and selling players to rebuild your team. The winter window tends to be used more for adding reinforcements due to injury or in desperation to try to avoid relegation or gain promotion.

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