Sunday, December 31, 2006

As The Beckham Turns

The Sun is reporting that Real Madrid has offered David Beckham a 2 year, £100,000 / week deal. If it's true, it goes to show that Beckham still is valued at levels that one would imagine can't be matched by the MLS. Add to that, Posh's movie career, assuming that appearing in a Tom Cruise Scientology film is a start, is not dependent on having Mr. Posh around in Los Angeles (I have a hunch they can afford a nanny or three). And as for business interests, the Beckham's have a deal with Coty (Paris), Ray Ban, and others. If business interests are a reason to move, such as is sighted by rumors of him going to LA, than there are many other interests more compelling than a soccer academy. It would seem that he has plenty of reasons, both monetary and otherwise, to stay in Europe. But strangers things have happened. Personally, I'm with Blog FC in that Ronaldo and / or Cassano are bound to be sold. I wouldn't be surprised in if it wasn't one of them that popped up in the MLS rather than David Beckham.

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