Monday, January 01, 2007

No Big Moves So Far

Speaking of the winter window, it's open again. No surprises in that there haven't been any big moves so far. The night is still young and I wouldn't be surprised to see a few names moving around. Real Madrid are likely to be looking to sell one or two strikers (most likely Ronaldo and Cassano) and Beckham has yet to sign a new contract with them and could leave on a free. Chelsea have money and it would make sense for them to be looking for a GK, CB or some young promising English player's career they feel needs to be ended. There haven't been many rumors involving Arsenal but that may just be that at this point they have a lovely new stadium but little other choice than to sit tight and hope they don't miss out on a spot in Europe next year. Anyway, they were plenty busy this last summer bringing in Baptista, Rosicky, Gallas and Denilson (yes, I chuckled at that last one too). And there are plenty of other teams to look at. I'm just wondering about some of the less obvious moves. Will Upson stay and Birmingham? Will Gooch join Real Madrid? Will Cassano join the LA Galaxy? .....And where in the world is Francis Jeffers?

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