Thursday, January 04, 2007

Spain Player Moves And What A Blog Should Be

I wish there was more coverage of La Liga. It's a great league and doesn't coverage here in the states that reflects that. Heck, many modern pundits argue that it's the single best league in the world right now. I was happy to find a blog that is covering news involving Spain and La Liga. I was unhappy to find all the ticky-tack stuff on the web site, especially the automatically playing Queens of the Stone Age video (and I LOVE QOTSA). I wish I had a budget to carry lots of fancy photos, exclusive video, and such. Just moving this blog to a special host and having it's own URL would be a budget breaker for it right now. But I'm not putting fancy bells and whistles down because of that. It's that for most people they don't want those things. They're not going to a soccer blog looking to find music videos, animated GIFs of dancing babies (at least they didn't literally have that at this blog; I've seen others do it though), and other such things. Most folks are looking for news. And it's not so much that the video's in there someplace but that it doesn't always work for everyone (it's 100% across the screen in my browser) and more so that the site visitor has no choice in playing it. If you're at the site, it plays.

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