Thursday, July 26, 2007

Non-Surprise Of The Summer : Simao Leaves Benefica

For any of you following the gossip and news out of Western Europe you're not surprised to see that coveted winger Simao has left Benefica. He's been linked with a move to a big club for a quite some time. In fact, it seems like it's been at least 2 years running now that Benetiz has been rumored to want to bring him to Liverpool. It also seems like it's been a couple years now that it's been reported Simao would rather give Ron Jeremy a wax job than have to deal with Rafa Benetiz.

The long, odd courtship is over. Simao put the matter to rest and made a 20 million move to...... Atletico Madrid! It really should not be a surprise that Simao didn't move to Liverpool. Although it's a bit ironic that a player Benetiz has been long rumored to covet got away thanks to Liverpool's money. After all, Liverpool just shelled out €40 million to Atletico Madrid for Fernando Torres. They didn't think even Atletico would let that cash do nothing but collect dust, did they?

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