Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ballouchy's Elbow

Seeing Ballouchy's blatant elbow at the end of the first half of the Rapids game at KC left me wondering 2 things :
1) Will the league do anything? It was clearly intentional and surely deserves suspension.
2) Is it Clavijo? How many more times do we need to see CO players doing these sort of things, this time it being the new guy, before we wonder if Clavijo is behind some of this? That is, not in telling players to do this specifically but sending them the message that he expects to see them fighting and scrapping. Could it be?

One other quick note on the match, can someone please tell Eddie Johnson that there is nothing "grown-up" about divers? I'd appreciate it. Had he not gone fishing for contact on Bouna he could have easily blown by him and scored a goal.

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