Friday, July 27, 2007

Lannycakes Heads Across The Pond?

Sky Sports has an article with Landon Donovan mentioning that he is thinking about heading to England to play. "The older I get and the more I play, the more I'm yearning for that highest level I can play ...". It's good to see Landon talking about wanting to play at the highest level. The last few years in the MLS he's been the big fish in the small pond. He needs more of a challenge.

Normally I would write off this sort of article as idle Beckham talk. That is, part of the slew of press that England is giving the MLS with Beckham now in the league. There's even a weekly MLS TV show in England. But long before Beckham's arrival this year, rumors have been circulating that Landon's agent has been shopping him around clubs in England. And unless the Los Angeles Galaxy needing a 2nd designated player slot for the 2008 season if they are to hold on to both Beckham and Landon, this winter would be a good time for him to make that move back across the pond.

What do you think? Will Landon do it? If he does, what club would be a good fit for him?

Props to Because I Think Way Too Much About Soccer for bringing this one to our attention.

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Bonji said...

I'm all for Landycakes shipping out. The team is already talking about trading him to either New York or San Jose but for his development a top league is where he needs to go. Maybe he can play behind Berbatov in North London.