Saturday, January 27, 2007

No Davids For FC Dallas, Big MLS Signings

On the heels of Beckham's signing, it seemed that the MLS just may have a chance at making some big signings. Singing players like Davids or Ronaldo again seemed rumors worth giving credence. After all, they signed David Beckham. It's hard to see too many of these players signed. DC United wasn't able to lure Martin Palermo away from Boca Juniors. Luis Figo is leaving inter for a retirement check at Al Ittihad. Bruno Marioni was linked with Houston but joined Palermo at Boca. The Colorado Rapids made just as good of an offer as Cruz Azul for Jared Borgetti. But Borgetti chose Cruz Azul over the Centennial state's team. And now it appears that Edgar Davids has chosen Ajax over FC Dallas and Ronaldo will be joining AC Milan instead of New York Red Bulls. Maybe the new rumor that NYRB is pursuing Olympiacos' Rivaldo will come true. Maybe Ariel Ortega will see a move to the MLS as a chance to bring his alcoholism under control. Or it could be that 2 out of 3 DP signings will be Yanks with Beasely joining Real Salt Lake. And there just may be another surprise signing or two. But until the league raises it's overall quality of play it's hard to see many of these moves happening.

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Anonymous said...

And just how do you propose the league raise the level of play without bringing in some of the names you mentioned?

It seems you are setting up a catch 22. they won't come because the level of play is too low, and the level of play is too low because players of that caliber aren't in the league.

so, commish, what do you, what DO YOU DO?