Tuesday, January 23, 2007

La Liga Blogs

One of the blogs that was suggested to me for La Liga was Spanish Football and Sports. I appreciate the head's up. This one was one of the few that I had already found and it wasn't what I was looking for. To me, I can get the pretty pictures, results, and scoring leaders information from Sky Sports, the BBC, ESPN's Soccernet, and Soccerway. It's not that I want to avoid those same things from a blog. What I want is the blog to build off of them. Offer me a view I hadn't heard of before. Sum up some events to give me perspective that is rarely offered by traditional media. Sure, there are wonderful pundits out there. But how often do you see them summing up the events at Chelsea during the last 3 months let alone the last year? You may get a column doing that once or thrice a year. And that's for a relatively big club. It's not that I mean to put down what Spanish Football and Sports is doing. They have a different approach to blogging than what I'm looking for. Maybe in the end I'll just need to bone up on La Liga myself and get out there the sort of stuff I'm hoping to find.

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