Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bale's Transfer Saga

Contrary to many other reports out there, The Guardian is reporting that Southampton have not received a formal bid of £10 million from any of the clubs linked with being interested in the young Welsh Fullback. Of course this doesn't mean that Saints are interested in selling. Then again when Mike Wilde, Southampton's chairman, comes out and states live on SSN:

Gareth Bale, Not for Sale.
You have to wonder how these rumors can persist? Is the media really that desperate to make a quick buck? It's not that they can't address these things. The problem is that so often when they print a rumored sale, they present the one side that wish to present. They will mentioned that Southampton's board doesn't want to loose Bale on a free. But they'll leave out that he has 18 months left on his contract. Why? It's not that Bale won't leave but that's not really the point. One can not prove a negative. No one can legitimately sale that Bale will not leave Southampton this January. But what can be said is that there are a lot of reason to take the rumors with a big ass grain of salt, one about the size of Alaska in this situation.


Sioux-bater said...

You know, for a blog that honors Lev you sure spend a lot of time discussing the crap league know as the epl. :)

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I would like to speak with you regarding publishing opportunities on football.