Sunday, March 23, 2008

Will Beckham Appear In Colorado?

The Colorado Rapids season opener is less than a week away. It's at home against the Los Angeles Cosmos Galaxy. Naturally speculation is rife over David Beckham and if he will play. The Wednesday before the Rapids-LA match, David Beckham will be with the England squad in Paris to face France in a friendly. If he plays, it will be Beckham's 100th cap for his country. Beckham has been named to the squad of 23 so baring a last minute injury he will be in Paris. As you can imagine it's quite the haul to fly from Paris to Denver for the game Saturday evening. That leads to the speculation over him making an appearance for the Galaxy against the Rapids.

I'm with FC Rocky on his guess that Beckham will earn his 100th cap for England as a sub. And that given the length of the trip back, he won't be starting for the Galaxy but will make a substitute appearance. Given that the game will be televised that seems a reasonable guess.

What do you think? Will Beckham show up in Denver? As a guest in a executive suite? Will he suit up and be a sub? Or will Gullit push things since it's early in the season and name him a starter for the match?

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Anonymous said...

Beckham didn't make the trip to Denver for last year's LA-Rapids game, so if he doesn't play for LA in this year's season opener, there's going to be lots of pissed off season ticket holders. Not the fault of Rapids front office, but they're going to bear the brunt of the wrath if Beckham doesn't appear.