Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bloggers MLS Fantsay Competition

Just wanted to make sure this got out there for those interested : The three amigos (Martek, mr3d, and playtherapy) at the Nutmegged Blogspot have decided to host the 1st Invitational MFLS Fantasy League Bloggoff- using Mark Wheeler's excellent MFLS system. This competition will be comprised of a fantasy league and a prediction league. Bragging rights for the whole kit and kaboodle will mean having the most points combined from both competitions. Each blog can only have one team- though decisions can be made by a collective (as we will do). 1. Should you decide to join, go to, and create a team. Name the team after your Blog Site. When choosing players, printing off the spread sheet of players' salaries and 2007point totals is helpful. 2. Then pick the Division "Blogger MFLS Invitational Champs". The password for joining our division is- bloggy Email me if you have any trouble. Results will be published at the Nutmegged Blog site but feel free to write about the competition on your own site. Cheers Jeff (playtherapy)

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