Wednesday, February 13, 2008

That Pesky Plush Quote

I was feeling optimistic about the Colorado Rapids in 2008. Then in cleaning up some drafts for blog posts I ran across this quote from Rapids VP Jeff Plush. It was made going into the 2007 season. McDonald was dropped before mother's day if I remember correctly. Vanney was in, looked like he might have been giving the back line some leadership and then promptly shipped off to DC United. Roberto Brown didn't have a butt-ton of skills but he did seem to have a knack for being in the right place at the right time. So the Rapids traded away a major allocation to bring in Conor Casey, who's salary is higher. Roberto Brown was waived and Conor Casey took the rest of the season to produce was Roberto Brown did in his short time with the club.

Now why am I feeling optimistic again?

"Look at the holes we had in our team last year, even though we made it to the conference finals for the second (consecutive) year," Plush said, pointing out the club's offseason moves. "Left back, we now have Greg Vanney, a former national team player. Left side at midfield we've got a kid out of Holland, Yherland McDonald. And at striker, we just signed Roberto Brown, a Panamanian player. So we think we've addressed every issue we have, all within the cap. We didn't have to do anything crazy to get any of those done." -Jeff Plush

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