Thursday, August 30, 2007

MLS and LA Have Lost The Plot...

David Beckham has been completely mismanaged by MLS and the LA Galaxy. 1st off, MLS decided to tilt the majority of the Galaxy's schedule to the second half of the season so that the Galaxy could go around the country selling out MLS stadiums. 2ndly, The Galaxy decided to schedule a bunch of friendly matches against other USL teams like the Vancouver Whitecaps and Minnesota Thunder during the playoff run-up to make some extra bread. The team and league is treating the signature of Beckham as a prize fit to be shown and paid for by the rest of the world. Finally, LA's manager, Frank Yallop, can't say no to Goldenballs and let him play a full 90 against Chivas USA after playing a full 90 against England...the day before.

Now Becks is going to miss most of the rest of the season and most likely won't be fully fit until next season. Beckham's outrageous schedule has taken a tole on the 32 year old's body. There is a chance this knee injury could hurt Beckham's career long term. Had Beckham been allowed a more normal schedule his body wouldn't be in as much of an injury prone state.

Shame on MLS for making such a mockery of their biggest signing. The bean counters got way too excited on this one. A match fit Beckham does much more for the league and game then an injured one. Thankfully next season will have Beckham all season so the league won't feel the need to tilt the scales of the schedule. LA had better realize that worthless friendlies during the end of season run are idiotic.

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