Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Is Rednapp Mad?

One of the more baffling bits of news I saw yesterday involves Portsmouth's manager Harry "Just Don't Say Bung" Rednapp. Now the bit of news itself as a whole isn't bizarre. Harry, frequently referred to as Arry or Saggy Cheeks, essentially said he needs to sell a player to buy one. There is nothing crazy about having to sell to buy.

The baffling part is that it involves selling a player he bought for 6 million pounds (about $11 million) JUST 2 MONTHS AGO. 2 months ago Saggy Cheeks bought David Nugent (22 yr old) for 6 million pounds. It's not the largest of transfers but it isn't peanuts.

What takes the cake though is that Rednapp says he needs to bring in a striker. Yes, he says he needs to bring in a new striker...... by hurriedly selling a new striker. It makes you wonder what really happened? Does Nugent look that bad? Did Nugent sleep with Rednapp's wife? Why the fire sale?

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Anonymous said...

It was the wife