Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Step Stool For Landon?

Landon Donovan will be in downtown Denver today at 2pm signing autographs. Should I bring him a step stool to autograph? Would he get it?

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Anonymous said...

so my son and i went to niketown to get landycakes' autograph, and maybe the autographs of the lads from celtic. when we got there, there was a mob of about 150 people inside. i asked a nike employee if a line had been formed, and she replied, "for what?" immediately after i asked, another guy entered and asked her, "is there a line?" frustrating. there was no line.

so we quickly figured out it would be pure chaos.

so about 2:15 or 2:20, landycakes plus scott brown, chris killen and stephen mcmanus showed up. they did a Q&A for about 25 minutes, then they announced there were five minutes left for autographs. five minutes. i'm sure ALL of the folks there would've been thrilled if it had been five minutes of Q&A and 25 minutes of autographs, but that's what we got.

so after five minutes, landycakes was spirited away by the nike folks. i put my thinking cap on, and figured he's got to come out of the store somewhere. so i took my son out on the street, to the east side of the building. there was an open door, and we saw two nike town employees leave through the door. there are storefronts on the other sides of the niketown building, so this HAD to be the right place.

it was. but as soon as he appeared, he saw us and rolled his eyes. yes, he rolled his eyes. and he refused to sign my son's soccer card. he had pen in hand and an Upper Deck card of donovan all ready, and landycakes said no. we were the only people on that side of the building. nobody for a block on either side.

my son and i have never been big donovan fans. we both respect his talent and his contributions for his country, but he's never been a favorite of ours. he had a chance here to make two new fans, and he blew it.