Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Broken Heart

That is what the Rapids fans have tonight. Jeff Plush, Charlie Wright and Fernando Clavijo weren't satisfied with breaking the fans hearts just once when they traded away Joe Cannon. This year they decided to do it again in and this time pour salt in the wound. They traded Kyle Beckerman to Real Salt Lake. Can you imagine the Green Bay Packers trading Brett Farve to the Chicago Bears, their bitter rivals, just as Farve was coming into his prime? What if the Broncos had traded Elway to the Raiders? There are lines that a team shouldn't cross. The Rapids crossed that line today and did something unthinkable. Can they ever do anything to be forgiven?

Note : Kyle didn't know this was going to happen, didn't see it coming and hopes to be back to play for the Rapids again. Most of all he wants the Rapids fans to know that he appreciates their support through the years.


Anonymous said...

You guys get too emotionally invested in these guys. Joe Cannon was a great guy, a fantastic supporter of local soccer, and a decent goalie. But in my opinion, Colorado clearly came out ahead in that trade. Can we finally put that one to bed?

Beckerman? My assessment (which doesn’t mean squat) is that he’s a serviceable defensive mid, who struggles to receive or distribute the ball under pressure. To further complicate matters, he essentially plays the same position as Pablo, who is clearly a better player. Beckerman is a fan favorite, but his productivity on the pitch this year (in my opinion alone) has been pedestrian at best. As a player he reminds me of former Denver Nugget Ryan Bowen…high work rate, lots of passion, great guy, great in the community, but an average (at best) professional player.

With respect to this specific trade, I would agree that Colorado probably could have done better than Ballouchy and a 2nd round draft pick, especially with Beckerman coming off of the Copa America roster (despite his unimpressive play). However, packaging Beckerman for an attacking mid was a wise move in principle, as Nico and Jovan have been worse than unproductive and should be benched. I’m personally willing to give this trade a chance. Best of luck to Kyle.

Osorno - Casey
Gomez – Ballouchy - Pablo- Cooke
Erpen – Ugo - Petke – Pridaeux

George said...

it breaks my heart to see the rapids struggle so mightily. if this move helps the team score goals and, in turn, win games, then so be it.
hankinson made mistakes, and it's sometimes overlooked that he made good moves, too (like acquiring pablo and beckerman, for example).
clavijo has made mistakes, and he's made some good moves. i hope this will be one of the good decisions.
if so, great. if not, the rapids just lost a big piece of their identity.
count me among those who hold hope for this move.
FC Rocky