Sunday, July 01, 2007

A Record In The Making

Maybe it's the horrible hair or his skill on the ball but no one has been talking about an MLS Toja of FC Dallas is well on his way to setting. The young Colombian was brought in by Steve Morrow for his offensive skills. He has done well in fulfilling that role. It seems that along with reaching back in history for the Spinal Tap hair, Toja noticed that now ex-FC Dallas Simo Valakari had lead the league in fouls committed during his 3 years in the league. Valakari lead Major League Soccer in fouls committed each of his 3 years in the league (73 in 26gp in 04; 78 fouls in 28gp in 05; 81 in 31gp in 06). It seems that beside leading FCD's offense, Toja has taken it upon himself to take up Simo's old role in leading the league in fouls committed. The all-time league record holder for fouls committed is Diego Serna. He accomplished that by committing 83 fouls in 31 games in 2000. Juan Toja has now committed 49 in 16 games. He's on pace to commit 93 fouls in 30 games in 2007. Will Toja be the new record holder come October?


George said...

good grief! i knew he was filling valakari's role as the designated fouler, but this is ridiculous. he's a player to be reckoned with.

ChazHelms said...

He also has 3 game-winning goals and has suffered 39 fouls. Only 2 Yellow cards in 16 matches.

Allen said...

I love Toja. He's a joy to watch. He just needs to learn a bit of patience when Dallas looses the ball.