Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A Baffling Move?

Apparently the Colorado Rapids have released Chris Wingert. This on it's one isn't the craziest of moves especially from a team that traded Hunter Freeman for a bag of balls and mysteriously cast off others like Ritchie Kotschau and Eric Denton. But it comes at a time when the team, facing missing their veteran Mike Petke for most if not all of the remainder of the season, decided to trade what natural width they have had on the left side of the pitch (remember, their new field is as legally wide as possible) Greg Vanney to DC United for a player DCU was likely to cut in the off-season due to his inconsistency in the back, Facundu Erpen. That is, playing at the left back position under Fernando Clavijo appears to be the way to get a one-way ticket out of Colorado. So it's not confusing in that sense at all. Nor is it because Wingert appears to be struggling to prove himself a starter in the MLS in his 3rd season in the league. And with the July 1st deadline that dictates players on the roster on that day have their contracts guaranteed for the remainder of the season, it is not surprising that they'd make the move before then.

It is confusing that such a move is made at a time Petke is out. It could mean the team is ready to put faith in Stephen Keel (IIRC, who has only made one or two first team appearances in 3 years). The same with using Jordan Harvey as a left back. If that's the case, why would they take the risk with not knowing how either of those two will fair. Wingert has been the defender Clavijo has turned to before those 2. Could it signal that the Rapids are making roster room for a new signing? If so, why not waive one of the multitude of strikers? Surely Cummings would be the most expendable of those. And if the need is a roster spot plus more cap room why not release Cancela or Kirovski?

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George said...

i agree that the rapids have a logjam up front. but honestly, i'd like to see cummings get more chances. he brought a lot of spark to the game on wednesday during the short period he got to play. and his speed presents a threat that roberto brown and conor casey don't have.
if i were filling out the lineup, i'd pair herculez and peterson or herculez and cummings for a few games to see how they work together.
FC Rocky