Monday, May 07, 2007

Who Will Be The Third?

As you may know by now, Charlton lost today and was relegated along with Watford. Charlton's loss with Fulham's win (finally) means that Fulham is now safe. The most Wigan can finish with is 38 points and Fulham has 39. The question is, which club will be the third to be relegated. Wigan looks the most likely to go down. They need to win at Sheffield United to stay up. If they do, they should at least be tied with Sheffield United with a -22 goal differential. Please correct me if I am wrong but after GD I believe the next tie-breaker is total goals for. If that's the case, Wigan will have Sheffield United beat. But that may be a moot point depending on how West Ham does at Old Trafford against Manchester United. If West Ham loses and Wigan wins, West Ham's -26+ GD will mean they'll go down before Sheffield United's -22+. That is unless Wigan, which has been playing horribly, wins by more than 3 goals on the road. It could happen but unlikely. And all of this could turn out to be a moot point depending on how any legal action turns out by Wigan, Sheffield United or other clubs. It stands to reason that if West Ham isn't relegated that they will bring a court action against the premier league for not deducting points from West Ham for playing players (Tevez, Mascherano) they admitted that they knew could not legitimately turn out for West Ham. If that occurs and the courts side with the plantiffs, it stands to reason that West Ham would be deducted more than enough points (3 or more) to have them relegated regardless of how they finished the season. Sheffield United - 38 points West Ham - 38 points Wigan - 35 points R Charlton - 33 points R Watford - 24 points And the remaining games : Charlton's remaining games : @ Man City April 6th ~ 0-0 Tie Reading April 9th ~0-0 @ Everton April 14th ~ 2-1 Loss Sheff Utd April 21st ~ 1-1 @ Blackburn April 28th ~ 4-1 Loss Tottenham May 7th @ Liverpool May 13th Sheffield United's remaining games : Newcastle April 7th ~ 1-2 Loss West Ham April 14th ~ 3-0 Win @ Man Utd April 17th ~ 2-0 Loss @ Charlton April 21st ~ 1-1 Watford April 28th ~ 1-0 Win @ Aston Villa April 5th ~ 3-0 Loss Wigan April 13th West Ham's remaining games : @ Arsenal April 7th ~ 0-1 Win @ Sheff Utd April 14th ~ 3-0 Loss Chelsea April 18th ~ 1-4 Loss Everton April 21st ~ 1-0 Win @ Wigan April 28th ~ 0-3 Win Bolton May 5th ~ 3-1 Win @ Man Utd May 13th Wigan's remaining games : Bolton April 7th ~ 1-3 Loss @ Aston Villa April 9th ~1-1 Tottenham April 15th ~3-3 @ Liverpool April 21st ~ 2-0 Loss West Ham April 28th ~ 0-3 Loss Middlesbrough May 5th ~ 0-1 Loss @ Sheff Utd May 13th

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