Sunday, May 13, 2007

Who Will Be The Third? It's Sheffield United

Last week we didn't know who the third team in the Premiership would be to be relegated. Watford and Charlton were already relegated. Things did not look good for Wigan. They hadn't won in their last 8 games. And they only had 35 points to West Ham and Sheffield United's 38 points. Today Wigan travelled to Sheffield United's home, Brammal Lane. Anything less than a win and they were relegated. Sheffield United on the other hand were 10 points clear of the relegation fight just a few months ago. But they had slipped down back into it but were again in the driver's seat with a 3-0 win over West Ham back on April 14th. They only needed a tie at home against Wigan today to guarantee their own safety. It didn't go Sheffield United's way today. They hit the woodwork twice and lost to Wigan 2-1. That wouldn't have relegated them had Manchester United beat West Ham at Old Trafford. But West Ham won 1-0 and it's likely many in the crowd if not on the pitch new that result as regular time ended and the 5 minutes of added time were indicated for the match. Warnock's team needed only a goal to tie things up and ensure safety but didn't get it done. Unless the court's intervene in regards to West Ham (they weren't deducted points for playing ineligible players; something that had been done in the past as a penalty for other teams), the Sheffield United is relegated from the premiership along with Charlton and Watford.

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Hammersfan said...

Any truth in the rumour that they are inventing a new Cluedo game, "Who relegated Sheffield United?" Was it Chairman Brown in the Boleyn Ground with the dodgy signing? Or Professor Benitez in the Cottage with the dodgy selection? Or most likely, Colonel Warnock in the Premiership with the shit team!