Saturday, April 28, 2007

Paul Allen's Southampton Takeover

To some it may seem the rumor that Paul Allen is looking to buy Southampton FC (English Championship; division 2) has been put to rest. A spokesman for Allen has denied any interest in buying Southampton or any English club. It seems simple enough that if the spokesman says there is no interest, there is no interest. But the last time we saw that happen, it was a spokesman denying that Kroenke had any interest or intention to buy Arsenal. But soon after that, Kroenke ended up buying ITV's stake in the club. Could it be that a bid by Paul Allen is still in the wings?


Anonymous said...

The rumour is dead. Long live the rumour!!
'Saints' fans all over the world are hoping that the noble Mr Allen will save the best team on the south coast of England. He can be instrumental in returning the club to its rightful place in the worlds toughest league, the Premiership
All fingers and toes are crossed that who ever invests in our sacred club will do the right thing and lead us to glory.
A loyal Saints fan.

Anonymous said...

You nob.

You're obviously not the best team on the South Coast, you're not even in the same division as Pompey!!

Keep on dreaming son.

Anonymous said...

We can only pray m8, would be the best thing ever to happen to our club and no more than deserved by the loyal fan base.

Sfcuk fan :-)

ps ... orinally posted by ' allen ' .... ye gods is that you .. um... SIR !


Anonymous said...

We need Allen and we will welcome him with open arms. He would be a God to us saving us from possible eventual administration.

To the Pompy Fan: You idiot. What more can we expect. When we were above you in the premiership, we did not waste our time considering your insignificance! No you are ahead for a while. Enjoy it, live it. Why are you wasting your time bitching at us unless you know the natural order of things will return. Go grow up you Portsmouth chav hooligan and enjoy being top and we will see you in the future.