Wednesday, April 25, 2007

If Wigan and Sheffield United....

A friend pointed out why Fulham should be part of the relegation race in the Premiership. If Wigan beats West Ham at the JJB Stadium Saturday AND Sheffield United beats Watford at Brammal Lane, what Fulham does comes into play. At that point Sheffield United and Wigan would be at 38 points and GDs that were no worse than -18 and -19. And with West Ham's current -30 goal difference they, for all practical purposes, need 39 points to finish ahead of those teams. So what Fulham does matter. If Fulham wins, they're at 39 points and West Ham's hopes are 99.9% down the toilet. That said, West Ham and Charlton really do need to win their remaining 3 games and hope that Wigan, Sheffield United or Fulham slip up. After this weekend the picture of what has to happen will be a lot more clear. Fulham's remaining games : @ Everton April 6th ~ 4-1 Loss Manchester City April 9th~ 1-3 Loss @ Reading April 14th ~ 1-0 Loss Blackburn April 21st ~ 1-1 @ Arsenal April 29th Liverpool April 5th Middlesbrough April 13th

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