Sunday, April 15, 2007

Conor Casey On The Move?

Toronto FC blog is reporting that Toronto FC has signed Danny Dichio. I agree that it stands to reason that Buddle or more likely Conor Casey looks expendable at this point. It doesn't seem likely that the Rapids are looking to trade Ugo Ihemelu. They coaching staff were excited to be able to bring in both him and Herculez Gomez in the Joe Cannon trade in the off-season. Ugo brings some pace to the back line that they sorely lacked last year and is arguably a future US Mens National Team player. As for the Rapids need for a new forward, Clavijo does seem to like having a big brute up top in the middle. Roberto "El Bombardo" Brown fills that role. He doesn't have the upside that Casey has but he does look adequate for the MLS and at likely at a salarly a lot less than Casey's. The question is, who is looking for a striker? As Ives points out, New York Red Bulls are in talks with Juan Pablo Angel. But NYRB and Aston Villa haven't been able to come to terms on a transfer fee. Bruce Arena's worked with Conor Casey in the past with the USMNT. Could he be interested? Beyond that it's not clear which teams in the MLS would be interested. The Fire seem a bit up top with only Rolfe, Barret and Carr up top. They also are lacking some size up there much like Chivas.


Anonymous said...

Conor Casey is on the move to Colorado. Hasn't been announced yet, but he is going back to his hometown

Anonymous said...

i recall you blasting other blogs over casey before the season...guess maybe you were wrong and they were right..

Allen said...

Blasting other blogs? For what? I didn't see the Rapids landing him initially coming into the league. Too many teams had higher allocations and in fact the team with the #1 allocation, Toronto, wanted to sign him. I didn't see the Rapids giving up that much for him. And it looks like they didn't. In fact now that Toronto's decided to off-load Conor they were able to get around the issue of other teams with higher allocations spots. But I don't see how I "blasted" other blogs for that nor how the recent trade changes the original situation. The underlying factors changed.